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2017 KS2 SATs

Victory Primary School


 KS2 SATs results 2017


KS2 2017 SATs results



2016 and 2017 KS2 SATs results comparison


2016 2017 KS2 SATs results comparison


KS2 SATs 2017 Combined Attainment


KS2 SATs combined attainment


KS2 SATs 2017 Higher Ability Attainment


Higher than Average percentage KS2 SATs









KS2 SATs 2017 Average Progress



KS2 SATs Average Attainment









KS2 SATs 2017 Average Reading Scaled Scores


KS2 SATs Average Scaled Scores








 KS2 2017 Rates of progress



At / above NA

Comparison to 2016



VPS  -3.1, NA -5


2016 VPS  -1.26, NA -5 – rate of progress decreased by -1.75, however VPS rate of reading progress still above NA


VPS 2.5, NA -7


2016 VPS 0.95, NA -7 – rate of progress increased further by 1.55 since 2016.


VPS 2.1, NA-5


2016 VPS 0.94, NA-5 – rate of progress increased further by 1.16 since 2016.


Victory Primary School is above floor standard, for a  second consecutive year!




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