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Pupil Premium Spending Plan 2016 – 2017


 Identified need Action Cost Desired outcome
Enrich pupils learning experiences Theatre visit £650 Improve the quality of writing, deepen understanding of drama and extend experiences beyond the school environment
  Employ school librarian 6 hrs per week. £3000 To increase children’s love of reading and increase the opportunity for children to read for pleasure.
To employ specialist teachers and consultant Music teacher – 2 days per week £10,410 Promote love of music by developing children’s musical skills and confidence.
  Maths booster teacher2 days per week £9,600 To provide additional maths support for years 2, 5 and 6 to enable children to make the expected progress and achieve predicted attainment levels.
  Art and Play therapist and Counsellor2 days per week £21,500 To provide social and emotional support for children who have social, emotional or mental health needs. To provide support and advice to staff and parents.
Increase children’s reading skills Teaching and Learning Teaching Assistants £40,181 Additional learning support for KS1 and KS2 pupils to raise attainment and progress of pupils. 
  EYFS teaching assistant £10,774 Additional support to raise attainment and progress in across EYFS.
  Reading resources £673 To replenish reading resources to support reading attainment.
Increase SEN provision SALT supportSt Thomas’ Hospital £10,000 Identify and support pupils with speech and language needs.Provide SEN support to close the attainment gap for SEN pupils.
  SALT support x 10 sessions – private consultant £1000 Reduce waiting time between identification and support.
  Behaviour support £23,263 Provide support for pupils social and mental health needs during lessons and lunchtime.
  Children and families welfare support £19,861 Provide attendance, welfare and mental health support for children and families.
To enhance ‘pupil voice’ across the school. Teacher’s termly release for children conferencing and feedback £2160 To enable children and teachers to have quality 1 to 1 time to discuss children’s achievements and future targets.


Pupil premium for 2016 – 2017 = 155,153


Pupil Premium Spending Plan 2015-2016