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Black History Month 2016


This year we were learning about Sporting Firsts!


Year 5+6 – Hope Powell (First black female football coach)

Year 3+4 – Arthur Ashe (First black male tennis player to win Wimbledon)

Year 1+2 – Andrew Watson (First black international football player)

Year N+R – Usain Bolt (Currently world’s fastest man)
















Black History Month 2015


Last year we were learning about famous black dancers.


Year 5+6 – Jeffrey Daniels (Break dancing)


img_0269                      img_0268


The History of Break Dance by Lilly                         Jeffery Daniel: A Biography

 Break Dance Art by Alix                                              Break Dance Art by Jason

Break Dance Art by Habib                                          Break Dance Art by Giselle


Year 4+3 – Frankie Manning (Lindy Hop)


img_0276                       img_0274


Frankie Manning: A Biography


Year 1 + 2 – Bill Bojangles Robinson (Tap)


img_0271                            img_0287


Nursery + Reception – Brenda Edwards and Misty Copeland (Ballet)


img_0285                          img_0280