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Victory Primary School Council


Our School Council is an elected body made up of two representatives from each class, from Year 1 upwards.


In September, the children who wanted to be a school Councillor presented their manifesto to the rest of their class. Each class had a vote and chose two school Councillors.


2017 – 2018 Elected School Council Members:


Year 1  Zahon and Diana


Year 2  Hanifa and Leonard


Year 3  Maryan and Diana


Year 4  Ngor and Samir


Year 5  Davion and Sara


Year 6  Noura and Maryan



School Council Manifestos


Hello. My name is Maryam and you should nominate me because I can stand up for people’s rights and I can make our school a better place. I am really good at speaking and sharing my opinions. I am good, wise, kind and loyal to all my friends and teachers. I could make a place for people who are depressed and lonely! In one year’s time, we could do intervention groups in the old Year 1 classroom because lots of TAs go in the middle hall to do the work and it is not fair. I hope I persuade you to choose me for the school council.



Why I would like to become a school councillor

I would like to become school councillor because I like helping people with their problems and I like debating to make people happier, as long as it’s appropriate for the school. Please nominate me and I will try my very best to make the school a happier place.




We then decided our mission statement and aims.




A school council for everyone.


Determined, focused, always aiming high, always doing our best.




We aim to:


Help make the school an even better place


Help make the school a happy place where we are all kind to each other.


Help make us all proud of ourselves and proud of this school.


Help children believe in themselves.


Prove that you were right to choose us!


Agreed by the School Councillors September 2017



To make sure our school council runs properly some of us took on special jobs.




Chairperson:                           Maryan


Deputy Chair:                          Sara


Secretary:                                Ngor


Treasurer:                               Samir


Communications Officer:       Hanifa



School Council Update



On 6th February we had a school council meeting. We looked at our action plan and Maryan, the chair person, set some deadlines for us to complete jobs.


We have written to the company who have said they will put a new climbing frame in the infant playground to ask them if they could make it cheaper so we get better value for money!


We have also written to Mrs Williams telling her about all the ideas each class had to make lunchtimes more fun. We have asked for a reading area in the Key Stage 2 playground, more games such as chess, an art area where children can draw, and some new sports equipment.


We also invited the adults who help us at lunch time to share our ideas.


One thing we have already achieved is increasing the after school clubs. We now have an art club and the street dance club will start on Wednesday 21st February.


Please remember if you have any good ideas or you are worried about anything, speak to your school councillors. We are here to help!



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