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Amber Class

Year 2


In Year 2, children have been learning all about adventure stories and wrote a letter to one of the characters about their visit to the floating Iceberg.


BHM Yr 2 2017



Dear Tom,


Today I am exploring in an iceberg! Can you believe it?


First, I went to the snowy trapdoor and down the slippery stairs. Then I saw a blue hall. In the hall I saw a yellow table and an enormous mirror. I saw a red bowl with bananas.


Next I went to the living-room. I saw a green, purple, pink and yellow picture. I saw a red, soft sofa with brown, small sides, I saw a colourful bookshelf. Next I went to the bedroom and saw an orange table with a green lamp. I saw a red bed. I saw a white bath and a white sink in the bathroom. I saw a white, brown toilet.


In the kitchen, I saw a long, brown table with a brown, tiny bench. I saw an engine room. I saw a silver propeller that is broken. We have to fix the propeller.


From Marcos