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Diamond Class

Year 3


In Diamond Class this term we have been learning about Britain in the time from Stone Age to Iron Age and also about Growing Around the Globe – including a special visit from one of our mums who is from Russia.



Hill Forts




A Hill Fort is a hill that has huts at the top. It helped the Iron Age people to survive in war.



Hill forts are like a village on a hill so the enemies can’t come up. Blacksmiths live there in Hill Forts. One of the oldest coins they use has a hole in the middle and I know about it because I have one at home! If you lived there it would be nothing like in London. Just straw, wood, iron and gold.









Russia is one of the biggest countries. Russia uses electricity to work things like buses in cities.



Russian people speak Russian and sometimes English as well. Living in Russia is better than London because they have snow. The Russian Flag is white, red and blue. The capital city is Moscow. In Russia now it is cold.



Russia is a big country. The buses don’t need gas in the city because they use electricity. Kristina’s mum Svetlana told us that Russia is cold.