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Emerald Class

Year 4

In Year 4 we wrote a story with Issues and Dilemmas based on the exciting adventures of Tarragon the Dragon Slayer.

This is an example of one of our stories.


The Dragon Slayer


In a time when dragons threatened mankind, there was only one man who fought against them all. His name was Tarragon and riding on his brave battle horse Black Bull he was on his way to work. But things didn’t always turn out as they should…and one day…

Tarragon was riding through a gloomy and poor village; it was a wet and stormy day. After many years on the road, he was feeling lonely and very sad.

In the distance, a poor blacksmith stopped working just to look at him. “Wow! I can’t believe I’m seeing a dragon slayer in person. His amazing!” gasped the villager.

“I’m so fed up with this hard work.” moaned Tarragon to Black Bull. He tried to act smart when villagers were looking, so he sat straight and toughened up his face, it was all an act.

Tarragon had to ride through a scorching hot desert to reach the dragon’s den. He felt parched and tired after many hours of riding under the blazing sun. Finally when I arrived, his mind focused on his task to kill the dragon.

“She’s a big one! But I can handle her.” Tarragon reassured Black Bull in a whisper.

“Who dares to enter my territory?” roared the mighty dragon.

“I, the Dragon Slayer”, he fiercely said, “I’m not scared of you. I will kill you with my sword.” shouted Tarragon.

“In your dreams!” boasted the dragon, “You can’t kill me.” The vicious dragon took a deep breath and let out a river of flames. Tarragon was amazed he could still dodge flames so quickly after all those year. He couldn’t hide very well, because the den empty and all trees had been burnt to ashes.

“Now you will face the final attack of Tarragon the mighty dragon slayer.” shouting, Tarragon ran and stabbed the dragon in the heart.

“Please don’t kill…” said the dragon softly before dying.

As proud Tarragon walked towards his horse, he heard a rustling sound from some bushes. To his surprise it was dragon pup, Tarragon struggled to decide what to do with it. Should he kill it? Set it free and kill it another time? Or keep it? His horse, Black Bull, knew what would be the best thing to do, so the horse gave him some signs and helped him decide. When he had made up his mind to keep to small pup, he was surprised by two other pups who suddenly stumbled out from the bushes. He also took them and he gave up his life on the road. He became a blacksmith and the little dragons helped him melt iron. They lives happily ever after, but would that be the end….


By Shahidath, Moses, Brian and Prescilia