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Informal procedure for raising a concern 

Stage 1

If parents/carers have a concern they should start by speaking with the course facilitator after the session.


Stage 2

If the concern is about the staff member, or if the meeting at stage 1 fails to resolve the concern, the parent/carer should arrange to meet with the outreach worker.


Stage 3

If this fails to resolve the issue then, it should be raised with the Centre Manager .


Parents/carers can make an appointment via the school office. When the request for an appointment is made, the office will ask for some background information to allow the Centre Manager to prepare for the meeting to ensure a successful outcome wherever possible. Parents/carers can choose to give the information verbally or on a confidential form in a sealed envelope, which the office will provide.


The meeting with the Centre Manager aims to identify how the concern can be resolved and the steps which need to be taken. These will be clearly outlined at the end of the meeting and further follow up meetings may be arranged as a result.


Throughout the above stages, brief notes will be written to record any conversations or meetings with parents/carers relating to specific concerns, so that these can be referred to, if necessary.


Stage 4 – Official Complaints procedure – Informal Stage


If at the end of this process, the parent/carer feels that the concern has still not been satisfactorily resolved, they should refer the matter to the Chair of the Advisory Board. The contact details of the chair can be obtained from the school office.