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Victory uniform list


Please note that school uniform is no longer available from the school office. It can only be ordered online at However, if you need asisstance to order your child’s uniform, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.



  • Navy school sweat shirt
  • Red school polo shirt
  • Black/navy or grey trousers. Shorts may be worn in the summer.
  • Black/navy or grey socks
  • Sensible plain black shoes



  • Navy school sweat shirt
  • Red school polo shirt
  • Black/navy or grey trousers or skirt (red & white checked dresses maybe worn in the summer).
  • Black/navy or grey socks or tights
  • Sensible plain black shoes


PE Kit (unisex)

  • Royal blue T shirt with school logo
  • Red jogging bottoms (winter)
  • Red shorts (summer)
  • Black unmarked trainers or plimsolls


Swimming Kit

All children in years 3-6 will be swimming at some point in the year. All children should have a one piece swimming costume (girls), swimming shorts/ trunks (boys), a towel and swimming cap. Swimming goggles are optional. Parents/ Carers should also ensure that they provide their child with any creams or lotions needed for any skin conditions. More information will be given by your child’s class teacher.


Jewellery and Hairstyles

We encourage no jewellery to be worn, but if so, plain studs  are the only jewellery that children should wear. Earrings are to be removed for P.E. and this will need to be done by the child. If jewellery needs to be worn for religious/cultural reasons, then the earrings must be covered up with plasters which the child must provide and must cover up themselves.  Please do not allow your children to wear any other jewellery. The wearing of watches is at the discretion of the parents.

Parents and carers should avoid allowing their children to have tram lines or other shaved shapes in their hair or eyebrows.


Victory Uniform Price List

New uniform price list:  September 2017


 Navy sweatshirt:

Ages 3/4 – 11/12 £8.95                           Age 13 upwards: £9.95


Red polo shirt:

Ages 3/4 – 11/12 £6.95                           Age 13 upwards: £8.32


PE t-shirt:

Ages 3/4 – 11/12 £4.50                           Age 13 upwards: £5.95


Red shorts:

Ages 3/4 – 11/12 £4.95                           Age 13 upwards: £6.50


Red jogging bottoms:

Ages 3/4 – 11/12 £8.95                           Age 13 upwards: £8.95


Book bag: £7.14

Back pack: £11.94

PE Bag: £5.94