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Emerald Class – Year 4

For PSHE (Personal Social Health Education), in Year 3/4 we have been working on ‘Proud to be Me’. We have thought about our favourite things, our family and which country we came from.  We also created an acrostic poem, about ourselves and our lives, around the topic of our names. At our school, Victory Primary, we like to think positively and we wrote about how our positive thoughts, can eventually become positive actions for the future.

For our literacy lessons, we have been looking at the book ‘Leon and the Place Between’ by Angela McAllister. We were introduced to the world of the Circus and became imaginary ‘Magicians’.  We used our knowledge learnt from the book, to write our own story on what it would be like to visit the circus, by using our senses.

Year 4

This Autumn term, Year 4’s Science topic was Electricity – we had the opportunity to investigate making a simple circuit.  This involved a battery, 2 wires and a light bulb.  Below are some pictures of the before and after effects…  First ‘trial and error’; after ’If at first you don’t succeed try, try again’ and finally the ‘Eureka!’  moment – the light bulb went on. J

Later, we went on to use, batteries, motors, buzzers, wires and a switch – we enjoyed our Electricity investigations!










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