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Primary School Sport Premium 2023 – 2024

The government is providing additional funding to primary schools in order to improve the provision of physical education and sport. This funding is ring-fenced, meaning it will only be spent on sports and PE. At Victory we are working closely with The London PE & School Sport Network to extend the sport and PE provision we already provide.

We aim to establish a long lasting, sporting culture that:

  • is inclusive of all; enabling and encouraging all children to play and enjoy sport
  • develops outstanding teaching and learning in PE, through curriculum design and training staff
  • involves outside specialists in training and developing all staff
  • involves outside specialists in providing extra-curricular sporting opportunities, including after school sports activities
  • provides exciting and stimulating resources and sporting equipment
  • provides opportunities for inter-school competitions and for competitions within school
  • provides opportunities for the development of children who are particularly talented in different sporting disciplines

We recognise that sports and PE have many benefits that can have a positive impact on a child’s happiness, health and success. Some of these include:

  • the health benefits of exercise and adopting a healthy lifestyle
  • the positive mental benefits of exercise
  • personal goal setting
  • self discipline
  • team work and negotiation
  • a sense of identity and belonging

We evaluate the impact of all initiatives undertaken to ensure the maximum benefit of the funding.

Victory Primary PE Sports Premium Plan 2022-2023 – Evaluation

Areas of developmentActionDesired outcomeImpact
Continue to ensure that PE does not have a low profile in comparison to other subjectsEmploy peripatetic PE specialist  The profile of PE and sport raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvementThe profile of PE and sports has been raised across the school, and has been consistently taught. 
Continue to ensure that the PE curriculum continues to meet the needs of pupilsReview PE curriculumThe engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity    Lesson observations shows that children are actively engaged during PE lessons.  Many children have written positive comments about their PE lessons on their reports.
Continue to ensure that teachers confidence and knowledge of the PE curriculum continues to increaseProvide professional development for teachers and playground development – training for mid-day supervisorsIncreased confidence and skills of all staff in teaching PEStaff have observed weekly lessons and participate in teaching PE lessons when required.
Continue to ensure that children have a wide range of PE experiencesEmploy ‘quality assured’ sports coaches for during and after school sports clubs e.g.  Football, Multi sports, Swimming lessons, Ballet, Street and DanceBroader exposure of pupils to a range of sports and activity    The variety of after school sports provisions have been well attended and, in some instances, oversubscribed. This has provided children with an additional opportunity to be active.
Ensure children have access to good quality PE equipment to enable then to engage in PE activities and clubsPurchasing PE equipment and resources to develop non-traditional activities Termly ‘Get active week’Children have access to good quality equipmentAdditional PE equipment has been purchased enabling children to have the correct equipment during playtimes and lunchtimes. Get Fit Keep Fit Week has been implemented, attended by parents and enthusiastically completed by children and staff.
 Playtime / lunchtime equipment + remarking playground floor  Children have access to good quality/ stimulating equipmentSee above
Continue to ensure that children  have the opportunity to compete with other pupilsExtending competition and School Games at levels 1,2 and 3Increased participation in competitive sport    Children given the opportunity to enter sporting competitions, this will continue during the next academic year.
Continue to ensure that children make healthy lifestyle choicesReview cross curricular links science and PHSE curriculum Children always given healthy options at lunchtimes Healthy eating weekChildren have an understanding why they should develop a healthy lifestyle    Children have an understanding why they should develop a healthy lifestyle, this has been demonstrated in science lessons and PHSE.

VISION – We Continue to ensure that all pupils leaving our school are physically literate with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, and hopefully pursue a lifelong participation in physical activity and sports.

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