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School Opens for Autumn Term 2021 – 2022

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2021 – 2022 School Term Dates

Autumn term Wednesday 1st September 2021 to Friday 22nd Octo...

Topaz Class – Year 6


Year 6 began the term by exploring the poem ‘The River’ written by Valarie Bloom. We listened to some river sounds and looked at different rivers from around the world. We wrote about what we saw, how it made us feel and talked about what emotions the sounds and pictures evoked.

We used this discussion to write our own river poems, based on Valerie Bloom’s poem

Here are a few of our poems.


The River by Zehirah


The River by Abi



The River by Kristina


The River by Tyrone



The River by Melricia


The River by Okosibo