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School Opens for Autumn Term 2020 – 2021

Our term starts for children on 3.9.2020, but all children will come to school ...

2020 – 2021 School Term Dates

Autumn term Wednesday 2nd  September 2020 to Friday 23rd October 2020 ...

Victory Primary School Council


Our School Council is an elected body made up of two representatives from each class, from Year 1 upwards.

In September, the children who wanted to be a school Councillor presented their manifesto to the rest of their class. Each class had a vote and chose two school Councillors.


2019 – 2020 Elected School Council Members:

Year 1                    Naomi and Osa

Year 2                    Ameerah and James

Year 3                    Shingai and Zedekiah

Year 4                    Jessica and Hidaya

Year 5                   Sofia and Kristina 

Year 6                    Patricia and Daniels 



A school council for everyone.

Determined, focused, always aiming high, always doing our best.



 Help make the school an even better place

 Help make the school a happy place where we are all kind to each other.

 Help make us all proud of ourselves and proud of this school.

 Help children believe in themselves.

 Prove that you were right to choose us!


To make sure our school council runs properly some of us took on special jobs.


Chairperson:                           Daniels

Deputy Chair:                          Patricia

Secretary:                                Sofia

Treasurer:                               Kristina


School Council Update

School Council Meeting

Friday 20th September 2019

We held our fist school council meeting on Friday. We got a lot done! We nominated and voted for different roles. Daniels was voted as Chairperson and Patricia as Deputy Chairperson. They will be leading the meetings from now on. Sofia was voted as secretary. Her job is to record what we agree at meetings and write letters to people. Kristina was voted as treasurer. She will be keeping an eye on our budget, making sure we look after our money, and recording income and outgoings.

We decided to organise a sponsored run to raise money for some new PE equipment. Look out for details about this soon.

We are also asking our class what new equipment they would like for playtimes and lunchtimes. We will discuss everyone’s ideas at our next meeting then start finding out how much different things cost so we know what we can afford!

Finally, we are going to run a newspaper this year. Any child can write an article for the newspaper and we will organise some children to be editors and put the newspaper together.

We are going to be very, very busy!


Keep looking here to find out more about Victory Primary School School Council.