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Year 3/4 – Emerald

In Emerald class, for their PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Emotional Education) topic they have been looking at what makes us be successful in life – Fixed mindset (not willing to take on a challenge and Growth mindset (always willing to have a go.  We believe that our school has a lot of GROWTH MINDSET, as we have DRP = Determination Resilience Perseverance and we say See it, Believe it, Achieve it!  Here are some of our acrostic poems that we made.

Get up and never give up.
Retrieve and achieve your thoughts.
Open your mind into new adventures.
With your teacher and your family
you will get much joy.
This is hard, but I will try.
How hard you try, the better you will get.         


Grow your knowledge.
Rise and shine it’s time to learn.
Open your mind to catch success.
Wake up come and learn.
Time to learn.
Here at this school, we are a telling school
Make progress in work.
In school we learn.
Now it’s time to work.
Dream big and achieve.
Set your targets.
Every day we learn.
Test your mind.


Grow and don’t stop learning.
Really open your mind to a new world.
Open doorways to a new generation.
When you fail you can learn more from your mistakes
There is always an option to learn.
Have faith always.

Manage your knowledge because you can learn more.
I will always find a way to learn.
Never give up.
Don’t ever doubt yourself.
Set your mind to what you believe.
Every day is a day to learn.
Take good advice.


Grow up and try new experiences in your life.
Realise what you think and achieve your goal.
Open your brain to new places and food.
With great life comes great responsibility’s
This is hard but I will try to complete this.
How hard I try I can do this.

More learning less playing.
I learn every day, when I make mistakes.
Now I can do this I am ready.
Doughnuts are yummy, but I want to be funny.
So get up and start the day.
Every day I learn something new.
This is nice, I like it this way.


For PSHE (Personal Social Health Education), in Year 3/4 we have been working on ‘Proud to be Me’. We have thought about our favourite things, our family and which country we came from.  We also created an acrostic poem, about ourselves and our lives, around the topic of our names. At our school, Victory Primary, we like to think positively and we wrote about how our positive thoughts, can eventually become positive actions for the future.

For our literacy lessons, we have been looking at the book ‘Leon and the Place Between’ by Angela McAllister. We were introduced to the world of the Circus and became imaginary ‘Magicians’.  We used our knowledge learnt from the book, to write our own story on what it would be like to visit the circus, by using our senses.


Design Technology this term, we have been learning about ‘Structures’.  We have made various structures, including chairs and model shelters. 


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