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Sapphire Class – Year 5

Sapphire Class have studied a range of North American artists in the Art & Design work this term. We created artwork inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat. We used colour, pattern and graffiti to influence our work similar to the artist himself.

The class also designed and built block buildings after exploring work by the architect and designer, Frank Lloyd Wright. The children incorporated many design features and the class took held a vote to decide which block building was the best.

The famous photogrpaher, Ansel Adams took many black and white photogrpahs of landscapes. He changed the way people thought about photography and many of his pictures are considered works of art. We used photogrpahs to create a collage landscape. We considered where to position the horizon and objects in the foreground or background to create our finished masterpieces!


In Autumn Term, Year 5 learnt about the ancient Kingdom of Benin. We examined their bronze plaques and statues as if we were archaeologists uncovering facts about history. We designed statues using body proportion, inspired by the statues of Benin’s Obas (Rulers). We had to manipulate the foil to position our figures. Have a closer look and see if you can describe what they are doing! ​








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